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  • Ideas and feedback

    Hi there!!!!

    Well after playing KS for a while now i want to leave my feedback about the game. I already talked about some other stuff here:
    Squad/party feedback:
    Shop feedback: ​
    Resource delivery:
    Augments in-game icons:

    So, this time I will avoid that, and i will avoid talking about bug issues of any sort, cause this will be just a couple of thoughts and ideas about game improvement.

    I would also like to say that I’m loving the game and I’m fine with some of the currents mechanics but I think some stuff need to be changed in order to have a more fun experience. Well, enough introductions, I will list everything (maybe I will add more later).

    Teamplay and match results

    I know the game is focused on personal achievement or in Devs words “is more about individual success”. But there’s a big issue over here, we have a game that is played as a team based MOBA that pushes you to forget about the team goal and makes you go for your personal glory. I really don’t have issues against that, but I believe that there’s not enough information supporting this type of gameplay. The game is introduced to you as a team based game and you need to fight for survival against other 2 teams, so far so good. The problem comes when you end a match; the way that the results are introduced to you have nothing to do with your team performance, but with personal achievement trough the match. There’s nothing in the tutorial, no explanation or whatever, that points you on the direction of “being the best” as the main objective.
    There’s a simple and good solution for this issue (balancing apart) the score display trough the game, and in the results screen, should be divided as a regular team score, but after that a second screen should pop-up showing the MVP and the rest of the player’s scores individually. Nothing else on that issue, showing a team based score display without forgetting about the individual success is the best choice as I see it.

    Match Pre-Build/Lobby

    In the actual build, you just choose your characters and jump in right into the match. I think a pre-build phase is mandatory. I’m not complaining a team build up where all of a sudden you are faicing against 4 diesels, but I found this kinda boring and without an actual solution. Making a team build lobby (like other mobas out there) would discourage this kind of situations. There’s no need to limit the picks or something like that, so this way you can still found a team with 4 diesels, but on a lower proportion. Besides that, there’s lots of advantages with this method, like synergy between teammates.

    Structures in general

    In the actual state of the game is too common to see teams being rushed and wiped out in 5 minutes, wich I found boring by the way. The structures need improvement(Already adressed).
    I read around the forums about ideas like a blockade (electric fences or mutant walls) wich will be impenetrable until some point in the match, I found this too restrictive and game-killing.
    I’m thinking of something more intuitive and fun. The base and the turrets can have a protective energy field around wich can be destroyed but will regenerate in-time if not damaged. This shield could be powered by a generator, a structure similar as the miner, a capturable point defended by a turret. This can be located in front of the healing station, turning this route on a kinda secondary base, and solving some troubles with the healing station itself. On the other side, mutants would have on his strain hives, just the ones that protect the base, some kind of attachment, like a mutant sting shooter or a corrosive poison (anti Mec) that would work just as oposite as the shields around the human structures, as an offensive tool instead of defensive. These ones can be powered by a big secondary hive located at the bottom of the map (an area currently forgotten by the mutants), but just cause mutants need to be on constant movement, if this hive is destroyed, to rebuild it the mutants would just need to build some strain around instead of capturing a zone.
    The bad side is a possible increment of the match time (25 or 30 as much), but with this we can have more fun mechanics on the game, and game rushing would be heavily discouraged.

    Side Note: Leaving behind this whole idea. I think the Healing station issue should be addressed. Turning the healing station into a safe zone is not a fun and good idea, but I think the healing station should be just like the Miner, a capturable zone (already captured at the beginning of the match) with a defensive turret attached.


    I believe the problem with MECs is that they are used to fight against other humans, or just as a GTFO card, and as I see it, this is not proper use of MECs. Correct me if I’m wrong but MECs should be used as a tool for structure/strain/mutants destruction, nothing else. The problem is of course balancing this to discourage bad use of the MEC.
    Thinking of solutions that pop-up of my head, MECs should have some restrictions:
    - They should do reduced damage to humans, regular damage against mutants, and increased damage against structures in general.
    - You should be able to activate them ONLY if you are out of combat, this way people will stop to use them as a getaway card (there can even be augments to allow players to do this if they want to).

    Nothing else to say about MECs, I think they are an awesome tool, but poorly implemented/used.


    To give a close, the game in general is awesome, the characters, mutants and humans, feel great, and they fit greatly on the universe. The playable map itself is great, and the proportions are fine. The feelings when playing the game make me want to know more about the lore and the universe, kind of the same sensation when I started to play Xcom or W40k (my 2 favorite franchises btw), so great work there guys. But on a more deep level, I’m well aware that we are on a beta, is not the first game I test on this phases, and there’s definitely some issues to be solved on the short and the long run that I hope they will be addressed at some point.

    Well, for now, that’s all I have. I’m sure I will keep editing and adding new stuff as I think of them. Keep the awesome work guys, and thanks as usual for reading our ideas (good or bad ones), is great to see the developers taking note on the community feedback.
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    Me and myself have spoken and we agree


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      I agree with most of your points, however:
      Teamplay and match results
      -Many people complain about this, the "personal glory" idea. I, however, quite like it. We are, after all, mercenaries, out for the money. You can stick with your team with great potential for scoring high, but in the end it all comes down to how you perform yourself. This means that even if you're with a highly skilled team against poor players, it's still a competition in your own team to get that first place. It also means (hopefully) more players fully embrace their feral side when they're turned, since they can with good reasons turn against their former teammates.

      Structures in general
      -I think the turrets are in a good spot against MECs right now, a single player turns the fight in the turrets favor. Your shield idea is an interesting one, I admit. Having the turrets invulnerable unless a shield generator is captured/destroyed could be an interesting twist, making for some fun gameplay (imo).

      However, I think the Healing Stations is fine, they won't save you if against two opposing Mercs, a single MEC or a equal-level Mutant. I kill people inside them all the time. The only guy who can safely engage two Mutants while camping the HS is Rook (afaik).

      Well, exacly, it's not the proper use of them, meaning you just forced the opposing player to waste it on you instead of your Miner or Turret. Most Mercs have good enough mobility to outrun a MEC and two Mercs can outgun a single MEC. They don't last long enough for it to be require to deploy it out of combat.

      Xcom and 40K rules!


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        I don't agree that players should only be allowed to use MECs out of combat. Yes they are used to take down structures, but they serve as a good way to control an area/fight. People are using it as a GTFO card for a good reason, but they do it too much. That is the issue. I mean MECs have an ability dedicated to knocking players down. That's why it's a good strategy to hit and run someone to make them waste their MEC. People, as of now, aren't using them correctly but they eventually will figure out the better use for them as time goes on. I believe they are fine where they are.
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