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Things that needs to be solved

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  • Things that needs to be solved

    Hello everyone, i found out about the game about the game and have been playing for 3/4 days , and this is some of the thigs that i have found

    - when you enter the forum on a mobile you cant login, when you press it get forwarded to the main page which says you are logged in ( photo included )
    - you can get a double kill by killing a the MEC and then killing the merc which is stuped
    - multiply prople can get the same kill instead of 1 kill and the rest are assists
    - the program that choose the host often miss up and make someone with bad enternet the host which make the game lag
    - the medals for mercs are stupidly hard and the easist way to get 3 gold medals is by getting 16 kills which is hard by it self
    - the medals for mutants are easy, its simple to get 3 medals with them and i usually get 5 gold medals when i start as one
    - gridlock is so over powered that everytime i start as him i denolish and mercs and get 5 golden medals as i said earlier
    - there need to be a better explaining for the trophies inside the game, not all people will search the forums for it
    - there need to be a better explaining for the cridets gaining, i sometimes get 1000c while it only says +200 after the game without saying hew i got it
    - its unfair to have new people playing with you vs vetran people, we need a better matchmaking
    - it is not fun to be in a team with one person vs a full team + mutants, we need something to reset the queue
    - its also not fun to be in a team with a troller, i played with a player who sat next to our machine and kepy throwing and blowing up our ARRC
    we need a report button

    this is the problems the i remember so far, if i remember/find anything i'll update the list

    UPDATE :

    ( july 31 )
    - communicating through a mic, it really is important to plan an attack or a defence ( you can only hear your teammates) that would be cool, since what on right now wont do
    - bug [ got 0 exp and cridets after the match ] ( pictures included)

    ( Aug 1 )
    - THE ACTUALLY LISTENED, they,ve made a way to report people thro email
    Thanks for cooprating, you guys are awesome , but we still need an ingame report tho ^^
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    In response to a few of your points:

    - I think the double kill off of a MEC is fine. If you can get a MEC's health down to 0 before it expires that should count as a kill. If the player isn't smart enough to know when to GTFO before their MEC expires that's their fault and they just gave the opponents two kills.

    - I'm not 100% on this but I think it gives two people the same kill when one person did an overwhelming majority of the damage but a second person gets the final hit. I've had this happen to me many times where I have someone nearly dead and a teammate comes in to take the final hit. It would be so frustrating to not get credit for that kill. Most other games would just give you an assist. Whether it should give two people credit for the kill or not is up for discussion but I certainly appreciate it at times.

    - I'm not sure if this applies from level 1 but I noticed recently that every time I level up I get a bonus 840 credits. That's probably why you get 1,000 sometimes.

    - I believe they are already working on party and voice chat functions.


    • KiritoSenpaiii
      KiritoSenpaiii commented
      Editing a comment
      The machine kill isnt bothering me tbh, i was just pointing it out because there wasnt any explanation to it

      And for the multi kill im 100% ok if thats the case, but i have seen 3 people ( maybe 4 not sure ) get the kill, which is the whole team, and for the enemy POV its frustrating seeing all of them lvl up and become stronger

      That explains it, but once again we need a clarification from the company, not everyone search the forums

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    This trophy is unfair, mutants turning 7 mercenaries it's crazy. It needs a new mode or be the last survivor on your team.

    Better You Than Me
    Be the last Mercenary by the end of a match
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    • KiritoSenpaiii
      KiritoSenpaiii commented
      Editing a comment
      Sorry for the late reply, yeah the trophies for mercs are not very good atm ..
      This trophy could be legit, it can work
      I read somewhere in the forum that the less people that are in your team the more exp ( not sure for credits ) will be increased, so we have that c:

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    As they have stated recently the Better You Than Me trophy is supposed to be the last remaining merc on a team, not in the game. I do however feel that it should remain the last remaining merc in the game as it adds more prestige to the trophy and feel that if/once they change this trophy they need to add a new trophy for the last merc in the game.


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      i don't agree with you because many times i was the only remaining merc in my team and didn't get that trophy