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Crazy Mobility Abilities List

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  • Crazy Mobility Abilities List

    I thought it would be cool to start a thread where we just rattling off all the crazy mobility abilities we can think of. Throw it all at the wall and see what sticks!

    For my two cents, I'd love to see a mutant ability for tunneling/burrowing, especially if this ability permitted stealth attacks.

    Another cool one for the humans could be a teleport, which I suppose would function very similarly to the mutant leap, but it could add some nice visual flare. Especially if you add bright effects for the move.

    One ability that may be too strong but is worth mentioning for both factions would be flight or hovering. The human character could use a jet pack/rocket boots, the mutant could use wings. Perhaps this character would have the ability to traverse over tall geometry that gridlock's leap cannot. I do think this movement ability should be on the slow side, though. Giving this character the ability to attack while flying could be an interesting attack, but may be too strong in terms of balance.

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    Return of the Jetpacks! This was one of the things brought up after our first community play test, some cool ideas here. I am liking the burrowing ability, similar to Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfare if you have played that game. It's a cool ability in that title and would be fun to utilize here. Anyone else have some ideas on this topic, chime in.


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      Jetpacks would be awesome!!

      > A guy with a jetpack and a Uzi as his weapon. He has short range with his gun but a high rate of fire, descent damage, and the ability to move around with his jetpack to get in on the action or get out if he's scared. Spraying bullets in every direction. Just put his jetpack on a cool down timer or he can override it and blow himself up and the enemy around him lol.

      That would be sweet! What you guys think?