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Ideas for More things to do with our Resources!!

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  • Ideas for More things to do with our Resources!!

    Hmm this been something Ive been thinkin and I can think what if this is a dlc or something.. but other resources would make it more challeging.. we do know we collect them canisters, we can either throw them at the strain to clean up that mess ;p, or we can turn them in so we can upgrade to other things such as mech suits.. or get the health back stations for those who need to heal,

    What if we could get a special powerup or somethin by doing certain things with them resources.. like a antidote or something to turn them mutants back to humans. sorry had to bring it up.. well this is just my thinkin anyone here have any other ideas.. what if resources can do more than what they do.

    Go Humans!!

    KillStrain Alpha Tester #4