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what about a healer human / mutant

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  • what about a healer human / mutant

    do wander if there is such a character that we havent seen yet.. thou such ability would be nice to have someone in the team be healing those around
    KillStrain Alpha Tester #4

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    I could see a healer unit making the human teams a little op, but if they got the balance right, it could be a nice addition. One of the big limits on the humans is they have only two locations to heal, so giving them a healer could turn them into roving death squads. It could also allow them to camp crucial strategic points, such as the resource depots. I suppose if the cool down on healing was sufficiently long, then it wouldn't be as bad, though. I'm sure they will add a healer, just hope it's not too strong.

    (Also, giving the healer a gun that deals damage or heals allies depending on target is cool! The mutant version of this could just be a spitter or a mutant that vomits a lot)


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      you guys are asking and answering your own questions here!

      The human healer is again something we have experimented with and I would be surprised if you don't see one show up in the beta, but vid is right - it changes the nature of the game by changing how map control works. Right now the mutants are battling to spread strain and dominate the map - with a healer on your team you might care less about that heal station getting covered in strain.

      On the flip side it makes human fights more interesting because it's all about controlling who is getting shot and defending your healer while two teams go toe to toe. The engagement gets longer and the tactics more interesting.

      The one we have had in previous revs did exactly what you said vid_ICARUS - he had a gun that could either heal or hurt allies. Pairing him with diesel is super fun because diesel gets up in peoples faces while the healer keeps diesel alive, making a really interesting team fight. But it's still something we're working on getting the balance on without making them a "must have" team member or total game changer.

      Keep your eyes peeled for more interesting characters with unique roles like that to come out soon!