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Tactical Marine/Brood mare

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  • Tactical Marine/Brood mare

    One of my favorite units in Warhammer 40k Space Marine was the tactical marine, just because teammates could reinforce on his position. This is also a great feature of the recon soldier in Battlefield. I think having a mutant unit that could lay eggs for teammates to spawn in, maybe at reduced health, would be really great. The human equivalent could be a tactical unit that can place spawn beacons as an active ability. This would really help apply pressure throughout a match or conversely allow a team to start spawning out of a hostile zone to recover from a route. The human version could also drop mini turrets, so the player could set up a secondary base, in effect. I would think limiting the mutant version of this to laying eggs only in the strain affected zones of the map.

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    Hi Vid, we are looking in to similar mechanics right now for both humans and mutants. Having a tactical spawn area would be a great addition to our game, we have discuss how we should implement this and how it affects the characters ability kit as well as the UI in order to have a good flow for players selecting the desire spawn location. Once we are happy where we are we will implement it in to our game and get more feedback from you guys
    Good idea, keep them coming!