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Human melee character?

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  • Human melee character?

    This might fudge the paradigm of the team dynamics, but it would be kinda cool if there was a human character who focused on disabling or stun locking opponents, but they were all melee. They could have a stun baton, flash grenades, and a taser as weapons. They would need to get in close and stay on top of their targets but someone like this could be a master assister. Probably goes too much toward the anti-team dynamic the dev team is trying to foster, tho. Still.. It would be a blast to be a close ranged fight that's whole objective is pinning down foes.

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    we have tried out some human melee characters and it is definitely a strong possibility that they will show up in the beta... But, like you said, it changes up the dynamics A LOT. It's something we're still very interested in seeing and working on getting right! Thanks for the suggestion.


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      I think it also depends on how you are defining melee and ranged. Diesel uses his abilities a lot more but his flame thrower is shorter ranged than Sylvan who mostly uses his basic attack. And the Gridlock mutant right now mostly uses basic melee+mobility. Ideally we find a way to have as much variety as possible for all character types.